Young Adult Launch

Independent Living with Guidance

Innercept’s Launch Program is unique to mental-health residential treatment centers for young adults, offering an additional layer of care often not found in other programs. In addition to the many resources of previous levels of care, Launch offers a supportive independent-living model. Our residents are given the freedom to flourish on their own, while giving them full access to any level of support they need, when they need it. Launch combines the same continuity of care (therapeutic services and professionals) from earlier stages of treatment with individualized community-based support. Fees are lower than previous levels of care, while residents receive a range of support not found in most transitional living programs.

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Focused services including targeted mentoring of independent living skills and mood management, to balancing physical health and fitness, establishing healthy relationship patterns, self-esteem and values, prepare individuals for productive living long-term.

By enhancing our young adult residents’ ability to cope with new challenges as they practice the life skills they’ve learned, we help them create new connections in the community. In doing so, we can better position them to be successful in their endeavors after their treatment at Innercept.

Therapeutic Component

  • Comprehensive medication management with Innercept’s full-time psychiatrist and full-time psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Weekly update calls with the family
  • Group therapy and specialty groups
  • Vocation support
  • Supportive services and progress monitoring while enrolled in a local college or university
  • Periodic mentoring on schedule maintenance, course planning, decision-making, finance, accountability, health and fitness
  • 24-hour crisis team available

Life Skills

  • Mentoring on maintaining an appropriate budget
  • Supervision of planning and time-management skills
  • Mentoring of cooking and sensible nutritional choices, including shopping and menu planning
  • Group-living arrangements to encourage relationship skills with roommates, peers and authority figures
  • Staff assistance with resume development, mock interviews and other job-readiness skills


  • Easy access to Innercept’s bus route
  • Guided public-transportation navigation is provided
  • Basic bicycle maintenance and repair skills are taught to foster self-reliance

Social Activities

  • Organized weekly outings such as volunteerism, sporting activities, artistic projects and other community events that Ingage residents are encouraged to attend
  • Student-life events each Friday and Saturday evening to promote healthy leisure activities and socializing
  • Resident-initiated socials on the weekends to encourage building a sense of community and networking skills
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