Why Innercept

Wholly Focused Treatment

Innercept is unique in that we operate with four prescribers; 1 MD, 2 psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, and 1 family nurse practitioner certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. We purposefully keep our program size small, enabling us to provide a higher level of care and attention often not found in other residential mental-health treatment settings. Our minimum length of stay is 90-days.

Our combination of in-depth knowledge and experience, wholly-focused, individualized-treatment plans and healing environments give us the ability to more effectively assess, diagnose and treat residents with clinically-complex psychiatric profiles and medical challenges. Depending on age and identified goals, individuals are able to move through the various levels of programming with the same treatment approach, preserving rapport and continuity of care. 

Discovery, Function, and Form

Learning the developmental aspects of every individual is key to defining a course of treatment for adolescents and young adults. This work is essential to collaboratively finding practices that move them into a more sophisticated level of functioning day to day. Many residents enter our programs with deficits in areas that have made it difficult for them to grow and thrive in a common environment.

Define, Align, and Refine

Once practices for a higher level of functioning are identified and put into action, we incorporate family input and expectations through various therapy sessions. As the resident’s strengths and challenges begin to emerge, we can start aligning the body’s systems – psychiatric, psychological, educational/vocational, nutritional, cognitive, behavioral and physical. This sets the stage for residents to continue refining their personal values and identify goals. From here, we help them build their own framework of principles based on these values that will guide them through the treatment process and throughout life. This foundational work is all accomplished within the confines of structured, safe environments.

The Healing Power of Environment

Since our inception in 2004, our philosophy has always been that our environment can either be a part of the healing process or another point of chaos and stress. That’s why we are committed to providing home settings that present how beauty and organization can be a powerful force for change. They also work to show the value and potential of each of our residents and create a foundation for them to find their purpose. From soft bedding and cozy furniture to décor and on-site recreation, every detail has been meticulously arranged with loving care to remove the stigma of many psychiatric-care facilities.

Our residential homes are set up to run as a typical household. This helps young people learn and practice the life skills they need to maximize well-being. While this does present a certain amount of risk, we believe it is an integral part of teaching our residents appropriate function and response to daily scenarios and situations.

With the advantage of smaller pod-type environments, we can quickly adjust and adapt treatment plans to the needs of every resident. This also makes it easier for them to utilize community resources for recreation, college and vocational courses, as well as volunteer opportunities.

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