What Makes Innercept Different

Innercept Key Differentiators

  • Expansive continuum with stabilization, assessment and treatment services for ages 13 to 28
  • 90-Day minimum length of stay
  • Ability to accept medical complexity, such as uncontrolled diabetes, cystic fibrosis, post-surgical challenges, eating disorders and other issues
  • Internal sub-acute sections of programming
  • Our lead clinicians have privileges to Kootenai Health, a part of the Mayo Clinic Network, as well as an award-winning magnet facility
  • Dual diagnosis – Our integral-recovery model is unique to the industry and supports both the prevention of hospitalizations and relapses
  • Treatment model – We have the ability to take appropriate clinical matches without regard to gender identity, maintaining our reputation for respectful treatment and superior results
  • Double-boarded child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, available by phone 24 hours a day
  • One of the only mental-health treatment centers with two prescribers
  • An excellent safety record
  • 24-hour always-awake staff
  • Reputation – we are renowned for our ability to accept clinically complex psychiatric profiles
  • Decentralized pods that allow us to make on-demand decisions with regard to stabilization, assessment and treatment to keep residents thriving
  • Our location – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is a family-oriented resort town is the perfect combination of mountains and pristine lakes, as well as urban amenities and culture
  • Design and quality of home environments – Everything from furniture, linens and towels to home décor is set up to optimize our residents’ comfort level and healing potential
  • Medical community relationships – as an active part of an outstanding healthcare community, these connections give us instant access to an array of care services otherwise not available without these relationships
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