Assessments & Screenings Conducted

We begin our therapeutic assessment by learning about the developmental aspects of each individual. Since many young adults come to us with deficits in areas that have made it difficult for them to function in a typical environment, we work together with individuals to find immediate practices that move them into a more sophisticated level of living day to day.

Once immediate practices for a higher level of functioning are put into action, family, staff and resident interviews are incorporated into the assessment. As the person’s strengths and challenges come into view, we get a clearer picture of recommendations that will work to align the body’s systems. This sets the stage for individuals to continue to define their own internal values and identify goals, along with the principles based on these values, that will guide them through treatment and beyond.

Using a unified combination of one-on-one and group-treatment settings, we immediately begin our collaborative evaluation in a gender-affirmative, nurturing environment that includes screening for the following:

  • Cognitive measures
  • Achievement
  • Personality measures
  • Autism spectrum
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Education/vocation
  • Family systems
  • PTSD
  • Risky behavior
  • ADHD
  • Memory
  • Nutrition
  • Medical screen
  • Psychiatric 

Working closely with our residents and their families, we develop goals and adapt structure to align mental-health therapeutic-assessment measures in a way that responds to both growth and struggle through the completion of our cross-disciplinary report.