Young Adult Transition

Moving into Independence

We offer a unique living experience for young adults who have demonstrated the capacity to move into a more independent structure. Residents in our transition program have developed and begun to apply the usual coping skills necessary for making age-appropriate life choices, but remain in need of clinical mental-health treatment support and mentoring services.

As our young adults grow and evolve, it’s essential the therapeutic alliance built during their stay in the intensive program remains intact to properly meet individual needs as they settle into independence. That’s why each resident continues to work with therapists and clinicians through individual, family and group therapy. In addition to medication management and program structure, we work closely with them to maintain a healthy balance of physical fitness, behavioral and emotional-health strategies. College or workforce-training enrollment, employment and volunteer opportunities continue through this phase of treatment as well. With ongoing staff and therapeutic structure, our young adult residents have the freedom to begin experiencing life on their own and progressing into our Ingage program.

Education & Life Skills

  • Supportive services and monitoring of progress while enrolled in a local college or university.
  • Periodic mentoring on schedule maintenance, decision-making, finance, health and fitness, leisure, cooking classes and attending to personal responsibilities.
  • Mentoring services for maintaining an appropriate budget, sensible nutritional choices, cooking, as well as shopping and menu planning.
  • Supervision of planning and time-management skills.
  • Group living arrangements to encourage relationship skills with roommates, peers and authority figures.
  • Staff assistance with resume development, mock interviews and other job-readiness skills.

Therapeutic Component

  • Comprehensive medication management, as well as individual and family therapy.
  • Mentoring and direct assistance with a personal health and fitness plan supervised by staff, emphasizing exercise, effective sleep patterns, stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Supervision and support to help ensure compliance with established treatment-plan agreements.
  • 24-hour staff availability to respond to emergent situations.


  • Innercept will provide assistance through the use of public transportation or bicycles to ensure residents make it to their daily commitments.
  • Innercept operates a bus route, allowing residents access to transportation