Dr. Sturges

Dr. John A. Sturges

Board Certified Family Practitioner

    A board-certified family physician, Dr. John A. Sturges has been committed to providing innovative patient care for more than 25 years. He completed his family practice residency in Hinsdale, Illinois after graduating from Loma Linda University Medical School in 1986. Dr. Sturges’ time working in emergency medicine and as a solo practitioner gave him the knowledge and expertise to incorporate a more integrative approach with traditional medicine. He believes these components are vital to delivering more definitive diagnoses and treatment options. By establishing therapeutic relationships with his patients, he has the ability to see the multi-dimensional factors that contribute to their overall health and wellness. He has been early to adopt new and successful therapies to treat depression, PTSD, migraines and addiction. Dr. Sturges’ dedication to helping people achieve wellness through compassionate, innovative medical care supports our exceptional team in transforming the lives of our residents.