How Do You Know When Residential Mental Health Treatment is Appropriate for Your Teen or Young Adult?

Residential mental health treatment may be appropriate when basic treatment for your teen or young adult has been ineffective. Specific therapies, approaches or medications may have already failed to reduce or eliminate symptoms and problematic behaviors. Some medications have intolerable side effects. These issues can cause additional problems and continue until an individual treatment plan is developed at Innercept Residential Mental Health Treatment Center. A more intensive residential treatment might be worth considering should be considered if your teen or young adult has not achieved sustainable recovery.

When safety has become an issue and when risky behaviors or choices occur, there is a need for residential treatment may be the answer for teens or young adults who could cause a threat to themselves, their family or others. At Innercept, we offer stabilization for patients who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. Our medical and clinical professionals provide needed care and supervision, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We treat the most severe cases of mental health disorders, even cases in which previous treatment has failed. If you are currently experiencing an emergency situation that is life-threatening, please call 9-11 immediately.

When daily life or development is negatively affected by a mental health disorder, your teen or young adult may need a more intensive treatment program. Severe mental health issues cannot always be managed with outpatient therapy, medication or lifestyle management. At school or at work, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic attacks and other mental health issues can jeopardize and impact a teen or adolescent’s ability to function in their daily life. A safe and serene environment, with highly-trained supportive staff who specialize in the treatment of severe mental illness, is crucial to those experiencing the trauma of serious mental health disorders.

Living at home is not always the best environment when in recovery from mental health issues. A serene and safe environment such as ours at Innercept, provide a more conducive place to heal and to achieve sustainable recovery. Specific therapies and interventions for teens and young adults are developed in the treatment plans at Innercept for struggling teens who are suffering. Our counselors and therapists are experts in the frequent presentations and areas that teens experience with many mental health disorders.

When multiple concurring conditions need a different approach, our experienced physicians and therapists can evaluate the patient and modify specific interventions to help each individual patient. We are uniquely qualified to treat multiple disorders and conditions in your teen or young adult using a variety of multiple modalities in a soft-landing environment.