Zach Schmidt

Zachary Schmidt


    Zachary joined the Coeur wellness team armed with a culinary degree, a deep-seated passion for food and an awareness of the beauty and wonder that can be found on even the most basic of plates. He has experience working in numerous kitchens producing marvelous dishes in high production, as well as working personally one on one with people needing guidance in maintaining their specific diets.

    Throughout his journey, Zachary has found that not only can food taste spectacular, it can be transforming if treated properly and with the right care and love. He has seen it be a powerful component in the healing and care for not only the body, but the mind as well. This mindset is what drew him to Coeur. He enjoys teaching individuals that even with a few simple ingredients you can create a meal that is equally beautiful and healing.

    Zachary is so passionate about food and its abilities, that he holds events in his free time for friends and family to teach them more about the wonderful nature and possibilities of food. He loves to show them how they can bring that flair and beauty they see on TV into their own homes. After all, why not have extra flair if you can?