Travis Roper

Travis Roper

Program Director, Young Adult Program

    Travis Roper has spent the majority of his adult life serving in the U.S Navy as an air-traffic controller and brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience to his work with the residents. After moving to the Inland Northwest to be closer to family, Travis began work as the manager of a therapeutic boarding school. It was here that he discovered a hidden skill set in supporting adolescents and young adults to identify and actualize their potential.

    As team manager of the young-adult transition program, he finds the supportive environment at Innercept valuable in establishing a genuine connection with residents. Travis’ calm, yet energetic personality provides the perfect foundation for building rapport with his students, and his programming delivers a stable structure for them as they move into independence. He utilizes his compassion and kindness to motivate and inspire residents to find their calling and passion in life. In his free time, Travis can be found sharpening his musical skills and spending quality time with family and friends.

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