Micah Thornton

Micah Thornton, LPN

Nurse, Young-Adult Intensive Program

    Micah joined Innercept with years of experience meeting the medical needs of others. Prior to Innercept, he spent 9 years working as a nurse, and gained experience as an ebola nurse managing a regional-treatment facility. Micah has experience in mental health and withdrawal stabilization, and also served as a medic in operations OIF/OEF. Most recently, he returned from his time as a Peace Corps volunteer where he functioned as a health-sector advisor. Micah holds a degree in emergency management and disaster planning, as well as an Associate of Arts degree.

    He was excited to partner with Innercept because he felt the work would have more of a positive impact on his patients. He enjoys seeing the entire treatment arc – from admission to successful launch of a wholistically functional person. He truly loves helping people and watching them grow into their best selves, and this is a commonality among the staff at Innercept. Micah enjoys working with highly-trained professionals who facilitate the best interests and well-being of their clients.

    Micah has done things and been places that are only available through experience, rather than application or finance, and he feels blessed to have had those experiences. He believes that if you have a heart to serve, you will likely have opportunities to go to difficult and interesting places. Micah is new to Idaho, but he plans to enjoy many local activities including kayaking, off-road camping and exploring.