Maya Henriquez

Maya Henriquez

Wellness Chef

    Xiomara found her passion for the culinary arts early in life. “Maya” was raised in Southern California where her parents owned a commercial bakery. As the eldest of four children, Maya worked in the bakery all through middle and high school while also helping take care of her younger siblings. After attending culinary school, she was encouraged by her mentor to move to Las Vegas where she secured a position at the Bellagio Hotel, and over the course of the next ten years, rose through the ranks to executive chef for one of the highest-revenue generating outlets on the property. Maya later returned to Southern California to open her own catering company.

    As a small-business owner, Maya was able to focus on a new addition to her culinary passion – using food for proper nutrition to improve physical and mental health. By using local, seasonal, and most importantly, organic foods, she was able to achieve this mission. In looking for opportunities in healthcare where she could use her culinary and nutritional talents, her addition to the Innercept team was a natural fit. Maya has a deep love for nature, camping, hiking and fishing, and she enjoys exploring North Idaho and nature photography in her spare time.