justin hughes

Justin Hughes, M.S., LPC


    Justin holds a Master’s in Clinical Counseling and has been working in the mental-health field for over seven years. He enjoys learning and working with clients, and has experience in DBT, CBT, motivational interviewing and many other therapeutic modalities. Throughout his years as a therapist, Justin has assisted clients with schizophrenia learn about reality testing. He has also helped people with suicidal ideation develop safety plans, and partnered with individuals struggling with substance use to learn about and develop a support network.  

    Justin appreciates that Innercept helps young people address their mental-health needs and learn tools that will serve them for the rest of their lives. He finds the Integral Approach particularly noteworthy as it helps people develop a full understanding of themselves and their needs. He has been able to bring an understanding of meditation to his clients by helping them develop skills and mindfulness. Justin advocates that a healthy body will promote a healthy mind, and he strives to live his own life this way.

    During his free time, Justin enjoys exercising regularly, hiking in the mountains, engaging in meditation and travelling across the United States.